Collaborate with your favorite brands using the Goocha App

Discover the power of collaborating with your favorite brands through the Goocha app. We provide a platform that allows influencers to build authentic connections with brands they love and value. Become part of our community that supports collaboration built on trust, creativity, and mutual benefit.

Collaborations with brands have never been easier

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1. Download the Goocha app and create an account
Download the Goocha App from the Play Store and App Store
2. Search for active campaigns
On the home screen of our app, browse through all active campaigns.
3. Apply for campaigns you like
Apply for the campaign that best suits your preferences and wait for the brand to engage you.
4. Rate the brand
After it's done, rate the collaboration. Goocha cares about transparency, and your opinion matters greatly.

Simply sign up for the campaign

Goocha enables creators from all niches to apply for campaigns, earn money, and collaborate with top-notch brands

Increased visibility
We provide access to a wide range of brands and campaigns, offering you greater visibility and an opportunity to connect with your favorite brands.
Easier communication
Our platform simplifies communication with brands, providing you with an easy way to establish contact and negotiate campaign details, all in one place.
Transparency and ratings
Rating and commenting after collaboration allows you to gain insights into your partnership while providing other brands with information about the quality of your work.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Discover answers to your questions about our app! Learn more and explore its features now.

How can I sign up for the Goocha platform?

Goocha app is available for download on the Android Play Store or the App Store. Additionally, you can use our web application by clicking the link: app-dev.goocha.co

How does the process of connecting influencers with brands work?

The process of connecting influencers with brands works by the brand creating a campaign and setting all desired parameters based on the target audience. Afterward, an influencer interested in that campaign applies, and upon the campaign's expiration, the influencer receives feedback regarding whether the brand accepted the collaboration or not. If accepted, the collaboration begins; if not, the token is returned to the influencer.


How are tokens used?

Each influencer, upon registration on our platform, is allocated 3 tokens. This means they have the opportunity to apply for up to 3 offered campaigns. The token is returned to the influencer if the brand does not accept the collaboration or when the accepted collaboration is completed.

How can influencers review available campaigns and apply for collaboration?

On the Goocha platform's homepage, all campaigns are listed. An influencer can enter each campaign, see what the brand is seeking, and what they offer in exchange for social media recommendations. If an influencer likes a particular campaign, they can apply with a single click. In that situation, the influencer loses 1 token until the collaboration ends or is declined by the brand 

How is payment processed for influencers after completing a collaboration?

U Goocha 1.0 verziji ne postoji mogućnost plaćenih kampanji, već isključivo su sve saradnje kompenzacijske


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