How can I sign up for the Goocha platform?

Goocha app is available for download on the Android Play Store or the App Store. Additionally, you can use our web application by clicking the link: app-dev.goocha.co

How does the process of connecting influencers with brands work?

The process of connecting influencers with brands works by the brand creating a campaign and setting all desired parameters based on the target audience. Afterward, an influencer interested in that campaign applies, and upon the campaign's expiration, the influencer receives feedback regarding whether the brand accepted the collaboration or not. If accepted, the collaboration begins; if not, the token is returned to the influencer.

How can I set up a campaign on the Goocha platform?

The brand must register on the Goocha platform as a company, entering credible company information. Afterwards, it has the option to set up a campaign for its brand, providing all the requested details it wishes the influencer to have and fulfill during the collaboration. Additionally, it's necessary for the brand to specify what the influencer will receive in exchange for social media recommendations.

How can influencers review available campaigns and apply for collaboration?

On the Goocha platform's homepage, all campaigns are listed. An influencer can enter each campaign, see what the brand is seeking, and what they offer in exchange for social media recommendations. If an influencer likes a particular campaign, they can apply with a single click. In that situation, the influencer loses 1 token until the collaboration ends or is declined by the brand 

How are tokens used in relation to influencers on the Goocha platform?

Each influencer, upon registration on our platform, is allocated 3 tokens. This means they have the opportunity to apply for up to 3 offered campaigns. The token is returned to the influencer if the brand does not accept the collaboration or when the accepted collaboration is completed.

Is there a limit to the number of campaigns a brand can set up on the Goocha platform?

Limitations on the number of campaigns a brand can set up exist and are defined based on the package the brand chooses. You can view the package offerings here. linku

How is payment processed for influencers after completing a collaboration?

In Goocha version 1.0, there isn't an option for paid campaigns; all collaborations are exclusively compensatory. 

Is there support available to assist with using the Goocha platform?

Support is available via email or live chat, depending on the package chosen if you're a brand. If you're an influencer, you can reach support via email at: office@goocha.co

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